Sunday, 3 July 2011

The First Cut Is The Deepest

Thought we should post a blog as it has been a while and we've all been crazily busy!

As I write this. I'm currently exporting the first full-length cut of Warrioress! Cecily and I have been hard at work refining the edit, shooting some inserts and making some tough decisions about what to leave in the film and what to remove. The film currently runs to just under 95 minutes, excluding the end credits roll. 

Cannes 2011 was a hectic but positive experience. I'm somewhat of a veteran now, this being my 11th Cannes, and working with Stealth Media Group is always eventful. We're enthused that distributors really want to see the finished film and this is helping spur us on to completion.

Cecily has also been starring another film (the cheek!), called Dragon Crusaders for prolific genre film production company The Asylum. The film will be out later this year and we will tell more on this another time.

In the meantime Cecily has also been composing up a storm! Her music is sensational, and elevates each sequence in it's own unique way. One of my favourite things about the way Cecily puts her music together is the way she uses themes. So few films these days incorporate distinctive themes in their soundtracks. There have been around half a dozen Superhero films released this year alone, and have any of them honestly incorporated a theme as stirring as John Williams' Superman March or even Danny Elfman's iconic Batman theme? A terrific theme really does inject the "Hero" into this kind of film, and I find that this element has been sorely lacking in the last fifteen or so years.

Another amazing piece of support we have had has come in the form of our final shot, which is around a minute long and pure CGI. We were sent the first version of it during Cannes and I have to say it knocked us out. Andrew Dymond and his team at Lightworx have done a terrific job especially for a first draft, which looks incredibly sophisticated. Cecily and I have given some notes and we are expecting the new version soon. We can't thank them enough for all their help and at such short notice.

Our resident CG expert Steve Hayes is putting together our CG blood shots and numerous other effects for the film and we expect to sit down with him soon to decide what other aspects of the film he can help enhance. Steve always does terrific work - check out the opening and closing titles of Ten Dead Men, plug plug - to see what I mean, and his work so far has been outstanding. 

More updates soon. Hope you are all well.

Best regards, Ross x