Thursday, 16 February 2012

Warrioress - Deep, DEEP In Post-Production

Hello one and all, apologies for the long radio silence. We have been deep in the murky territory known as post-production for some months now. Here is an update for you:

The CGI - We've had an incredible final shot delivered by the Wizards at Lightworx Media Ltd. They have really pulled out all the stops and we are incredibly grateful to them. Here is the link to their website -

Additionally Steve Hayes at ZoneOne Studios has been delivering lots of other CGI shots for the film, including totally replacing the backgrounds for a set of scenes. He's totally saved the scenes visually, as well as cleaning up many shots and adding blood effects etc. Steve has worked with me on all of my features so far, as well as on some corporate work and he is a great collaborator. The company website is

The Sound Design - Having done a post-production deal through John Adams at Angry Badger Pictures (a superb production company), we have been working closely with veteran Sound Supremo Nigel Albermaniche and the team at Wave Studios, who have been doing an excellent job of recreating the soundtrack for Warrioress.

Cecily Fay dubbing her dialogue as Boudiccu.
We have had virtually the whole cast into the studio over the last couple of weeks to re-record their dialogue and we have listened to a first pass at the sound design. The swordfight sounds are mind-blowing! Their teams in Soho and Amsterdam have been working round the clock to create the different layers of sound needed, and all being well we are sitting in on the final sound mix in the next week or so, so watch this space!

Brendan Carr recording his dialogue as Tetherin.

One of the excellent engineers at Wave Studios, Ed, synching up some dialogue.
 Check out the Wave Studios website -
Keith Eyles dubbing some dialogue as Gravin.
The Music - Cecily has been remixing the music as per the specifications laid out by Nigel and the team are now synching the tracks up.

There's still a fair bit to do but it finally feels like we are on the home straight.

Thanks for all of your support. As ever check us out on Facebook and Twitter. We'll be announcing screenings of the film as soon as it is ready to deliver.

Best wishes, Ross and Cecily