Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Post Production!

Apologies for the delay between posts! Cecily and I have been insanely busy in the post-production phase of Warrioress.

We have locked the cut of the film, which currently runs to a rather tight 89 minutes, and the team at Lightworx have delivered our splendid final shot, which is a 100 percent, EPIC CGI creation. They have totally outdone themselves and Cecily and I are incredibly pleased with their work. Extra-special thanks go to Andrew Dymond and Jonathan Brown and their team on delivering such stunning work.

Our remaining CGI work is currently being completed by my long-time friend and colleague Steve Hayes at zoneone studios. Steve is delivering excellent results on some no-doubt highly challenging shots. It's been fascinating working with Steve on my first three features, and seeing his work develop from project to project. He always delivers, and always exceeds expectations.

Post-production sound is now underway in an excellent London facility and we've been lucky enough to have Angry Badger Pictures working with us to co-ordinate the sound, final picture colour-correction and grading. More on this as we progress, but here's a link to their website. John Adams and I have been working towards getting numerous projects off the ground and it's a pleasure to be finally working with him in an official capacity.

In other news Cecily is now working on a huge Hollywood project, and I'm very proud of her continuing success. More news in the weeks to come as I'm not sure what can actually be revealed at this time.

We look forward to bringing you further news and images very soon. In the meantime thank you all for your continuing support.




  1. Couldn't be happier Ross. Cant wait to see the film and good luck with it..You deserve all the success as a talented film-maker... Go forth and do us all proud..